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Meet and Assist services at airports in Nigeria. For any traveler, on any airline, in any cabin class.

Lagos Murtala Muhammed International is a busy airport.  Booking a Meet and Assist Service will make passing through it fast and easy. Nigeria Fast Track’s local greeters will help bypass the lines and ensure a quick arrival, a smooth departure, or a successful connection.

The service in Nigeria adds a first class feel, usually reserved for VIPs or celebrities. The service may include regular or special immigration handling, buggy, help with VOA and baggage.  Before you book, our reservation team will help you book the exact service that you need.

Airport Meet and Greet service in Nigeria Murtala Muhammed International (LOS).

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On arrival Nigeria Fast Track’s English speaking greeters will meet you near the air bridge. They will assist you through any passport or visa control, and escort you to the baggage and customs area. They will help find your driver, or if you booked a connection, check in to your next flight.

On departure, they will contact your driver, will assist you through check-in and immigration, and will take you to your airline lounge or the boarding gate.

For connections, the greeter will meet you near the air bridge and will guide and escort you through the arrival, departure and transfer processes needed for your connection, right through to your airline lounge or the gate.

For more than 10 years our Airport Assistance and Booking Team has assisted thousands of travellers pass smoothly through busy airports. Before you book, Fast Track’s tools and expert staff will help you understand and choose the exact service you need at the lowest possible cost.

Fast Track services are available to any traveler, on any airline, and in any cabin class, and in all major airports around Asia, the Middle East & Africa.

Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) (IATALOS) Is the principle International Airport that serves Lagos, Lekki and Ikeja. It has 2 terminals; the international and domestic and they are 1km apart but share the same runway. Many international airlines fly into this airport including British Airways, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar and KLM. In addition most of the regional airlines also fly in and out of this airport. In recent years this airport has underwent a bit of a revamp and it is now well equipped with a selection of shops and eateries.

Taxi services are available from outside the terminal and UBER operate a taxi share service via their APP.   There are many VIP lounges at this airport including the BA Lounge that is well equipped with showers, the Premium Lounge that is also well equipped and access is granted for a fee. Air France and KLM have their own lounge that is popular. There is a very reasonably priced multi storey car park that holds 800 cars.

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport  (IATAABV) is the second international airport that serves Abuja. This is also a well equipped airport and it is served by several international and regional airlines including; Air France, British Airways, Emirates and Turkish Airlines. It is presently having a new terminal being built and this will increase capacity.  Nearly 5 million passengers us this airport each year.

Nigeria feels like it is the powerhouse of Africa and until recently it has been experiencing a boom and the economy is growing. Nigerian people are usually endearing and relaxed. In Nigeria many people eat with their hands, if you find yourself eating in such a way, you should use your right hand as its is impolite to use the left one.

Lagos is a vibrant city that is full of culture, music and lovely people. However, pollution is a problem, traffic is monumental and noisy and crime is high. The city is full of motorways and speed freaks who drive as though their life depends on it. Some of the best restaurants in Lagos can be found in Lagos Island such as Broad Street and Campbell Street. Lagos has a thriving nightlife that is always changing and it all heats up after midnight.

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